Breast augmentation

Breast implants

Breast augmentation is a common and recognized procedure that uses implants of variable shapes and sizes according to the patient’s anatomy and wishes. These implants augment or restore breast size, add curves, or are used to provide the patient with increased support in their chest. It is also possible to combine this surgery with a breast lift if the breast is sagging.

Many types of implants are available for breast augmentation:

  • Anatomical implants – give the patient a natural-looking result, look and feel, without amplifying the neckline too much
  • Round implants – provide excellent uniform results thanks to different profiles, for a fuller effect and a higher neckline
  • Smooth breast implants – recreate the natural feel of a breast while providing great mobility and flexibility
  • Textured breast implants – structures that reduce movement after the operation to prevent them from moving around and becoming distorted.

Implants can be saline (physiological serum easily absorbed by the body in case of a leak) or filled with silicon (a cohesive high-quality gel that stays in the implant even if it ruptures). Implants can be added in several locations, such as in front or behind the pectoral muscle. Incisions can be inframammary (at the base of the breast), in the axilla or periareolar region. The incision will be made according to the body’s anatomy and will take into account both the patient’s and surgeon’s preferences.


The patient can expect a younger looking bust, a more feminine silhouette, and an improvement in the volume, shape, firmness, and position of the breasts


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Associated fees :

Cost of the surgery:


7 000 $

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Before the surgery

  • Avoid blood-thinning medications.
  • Adhere to the fasting period and clean your skin thoroughly with an antiseptic.

The surgery in steps

  • General anaesthesia.
  • Insertion of the implants (in front or behind the pectoral muscle).


  • Expect to stop work for 7 to 10 days.
  • Sleep with your head elevated. Move your arms and lift permitted items, as tolerated.
  • 48 hours after the procedure, you may remove the bandages and take a shower. Avoid taking a bath for 2-3 weeks.
  • Wear a bra for a 1 week, or more if needed, after the procedure.
  • Massage the implants and treat the scar with a silicone cream as per the doctor’s instructions.
  • Physical exercise is possible between 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery, according to your pain tolerance.


Short-term :
  • Bleeding, infection.
Long-term :
  • Implant rupture, implant displacement, bad scarring, loss of breast sensitivity, implant palpability, hardening of the implant.

What to watch out for

Short-term :
  • significant swelling, fever, discharge.
Long-term :
  • hardening of the implant or loss of volume.

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