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What financing options are available ?

Via our trusted partner Medicard, we offer several types of flexible financing tailored to your specific needs. Visit www.medicard.com or contact an agent at the following toll-free number to learn more 1-888-689-9876

What are the payment methods associated with the types of financing offered ?

No matter what type of financing you choose, our trusted partner Medicard will be more than happy to explain which payment methods are available. Visit www.medicard.com or contact an agent at the following toll-free number to learn more: 1-888-689-9876


How long should I wait after giving birth to undergo breast surgery ?

Generally, you only need to wait a few months after you finish nursing, ideally when the breasts have ceased changing shape and stopped producing milk.


Do I need to lose weight before undergoing abdominoplasty ?

Patients should have a stable weight before undergoing this procedure. In the case of significant obesity, we need to consider another type of intervention before removing excess skin on the abdomen (bariatric surgery).

Am I a good candidate to undergo liposuction ?

The ideal candidate is rare. In general, the patient should have localized excess fat and firm skin, which is usually the case for young people with a healthy weight. However, most of our clients do not meet these ideal criteria. Despite this, it is indeed possible to obtain positive results when it comes to the curves and corporal harmony you want, by focusing on a realist approach that takes into account the skin’s firmness.


How do I know if I’m a good candidate to undergo a face lift ?

In general, we first try to find solutions so your face looks your age. Often, people who opt for this surgery have the impression they look older than peers their age. We will recommend ways to improve your skin and reduce wrinkles with filling agents, neurotoxins that paralyze certain muscles (such as Botox®), plasma, or laser treatments. But when the condition is severe, or if you want to see a significant improvement, a face lift remains your best option.

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