Fat transfer

Fat injections

Fat transfer is used to increase the volume of certain areas of the face such as the cheeks and lips. The procedure is also used to correct the appearance of eye bags near the lower eyelids. It is a subtle facial rejuvenation treatment used to fill wrinkles and decrease their appearance.

For optimal results, a second treatment may be necessary. The procedure can also be used to improve certain scars on different areas of the body or increase the volume of the buttocks or breasts. The latter has limited indications.


The patient can expect a subtle rejuvenated look in their face and more visible improvements when a greater amount of fat is transferred.


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Associated fees :

Cost of the surgery:


1500 $

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The surgery in steps

  • Liposuction of fatty tissue from a part of the body that is not being treated.
  • Injection of the fatty tissue into the targeted area.


  • Recovery lasts a few days, sometimes more if bruising is significant.
  • It is important to avoid intense physical activity for at least two weeks.


  • Infection, hemorrhage (rare), bruising (frequent).
  • Asymmetry of treated regions, suboptimal results, irregularities.

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