Injection of plasma-derived products

Injection of concentrated growth promoters

Injection of plasma-derived products, or concentrated growth promoters, is a relatively new procedure when it comes to injectable treatments. This procedure is used to improve the quality of the skin (for example: pigmentation of the skin) and to give a rejuvenated look to a skin showing the signs of aging.

This procedure is an interesting option for patients and doctors because it does not necessitate a surgical intervention. To obtain optimal results or a natural appearance of the skin, it is often necessary to undergo more than one treatment, spread out over several weeks.

The treatment of plasma-derived products cannot replace surgeries required to correct a significant deformity. For optimal results, it is possible to combine this intervention with a facial rejuvenation procedure.


The patient can expect tangible results following at least two treatments. For the best results, the treatment can be combined with other injectable products.


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Associated fees :

Cost of the surgery:


500 $

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The surgery in steps

  • Standard blood test. The blood is centrifuged and the plasma collected.
  • Injection of the plasma in the targeted regions.


  • No recovery time is necessary (except if the patient experiences significant bruising).


  • Suboptimal results, bruising.

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